What to see and do

Rural pursuits

 – Walking, there are numerous signposted walks in and around Recques-sur-Course

– Escap’âne : walking with a donkey, hire available in Ergny

– Cycle route – romantically named “les lacs d’amour”

– Horse Trekking in Inxent

– Kayak Canoeing on the Canche river at Montreuil

– Trout fishing in Beussent

Landscapes and gardens in bloom

– « A fleur de course » : a trail of farms and farmland planted with beautiful country flowers from July to October.

– «L’esprit Vert » : private gardens throughout the valley open to the public

– The manor house gardens in Henocq

History and monuments

– The Château in Recques (manor house) not open to visitors but visible from the road.

– Montreuil-sur-Mer : Ramparts, citadel, abbey-church, quaint streets and historic houses and museum in Hôtel la Rivière.

– The churches trail in Montreuil, Neuville,Recques-sur-Course, Montcavrel and Bernieulles

– Azincourt (Agincourt) – Site of the historic battle between Henry the Vth of England and Charles VIIth of France.


– Long pale sandy beaches in nearby Le Touquet, Merlimont and Stella (20 mins.) as well as Hardelot and Berck-sur-Mer (30 mins)

Sporting acticities

– Sand-yachting, sailing, speed-sailing and windsurfing in Merlimont, Le Touquet and Berck-Sur-Mer

– Golf : no fewer than five 18 hole courses in Le Touquet, Hardelot and Nampont-Saint-Martin, within a 30 minute drive.

– Swimming pool in Montreuil

-Tennis in Montreuil, Le Touquet, Merlimont

-Karting in Berck

Fun for all the family

– Bagatelle amusement park in Merlimont

-Aqualud leisure pool in Le Touquet

– Boat trips in the Canche Bay from Etaples-sur-Mer

– The Le Touquet Maize in Villers Saint-Josse

– Nausicaa the National Centre of Marine Life in Boulogne-sur-Mer

– Maréis fishing museum and the Maritime museum in Etaples-Sur-Mer

Major events

-Enduropale du Touquet en février

– The International Kite Festival in Berck-Sur-Mer in late March early April

-Visites-Spectacles à Montreuil de fin Juin à Fin septembre

– Côte d’Opale Music Festival in July

– Les Miserables” sound and light show in Montreuil-sur-Mer late July to early August

– “Malins Plaisirs” theatre festival in Montreuil-sur-Mer in August

– Herring Festival in Etaples-sur-Mer in November

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